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So what should I say, redneck?

This is the first appreciation post in the blog and there's not a better band to start with than

The Red Paintings.
Manchester 22.4.2015
We first laid our eyes and ears on them in Helsinki in November 2013 when they were supporting our another great favorite Mindless Self Indulgence. Our relationship started with a very innocent and brief discussion about Vegemite, the great Australian delicacy. Things escalated quickly (to put it mildly!) and by the time we arrived in Paris a few weeks later we were completely and utterly hooked. We had never before encountered a band quite like TRP, we were drawn to their bizarre and out-of-the-box energy and awesome music of course. And well, their stage hamster Elliot was a real charmer, too.
Hamburg 26.11.2013
 February 2014 arrived and with it a European headline tour. We jumped on board in Hamburg, Germany and rocked the last four shows of the tour. It was one of the best tour experiences I've ever had, full of strong feelings and crazy good moments. The tour had an Egyptian theme and we succeeded in impressing and confusing so many people with our costumes that I still crack up when I think about it. Now, you might be wondering why in hell am I talking so much about us rather than the band, this was supposed to be an appreciation post after all. Well, the truth is that this funny little blog of ours most likely would not exist without The Red Paintings. Or if it did, it would have the lamest name in the blogosphere. The name of this blog is tightly related to TRP's song Redneck, because it's a clever translation of one very rude verse in the song. It's a gutsy and perfect summary of our mentality and if we didn't have it, YYKAAHOOVEE probably would have never been born. Thanks to TRP, our blog has a soul.
Here, enjoy a video of said song (filmed by us in Germany in 2014) and the ballsy live energy TRP delivers:

So how would I describe TRP in one word? Inspiring with a capital I. No other band could make us head straight to a tattoo shop after the tour, and that's only the tip of the iceberg. They have given us so many ideas and boosted our creativity. I have loads of favorite bands representing different genres and I buy their records and go to shows, but I very rarely feel like I can really participate in things and get involved. TRP are delightfully different in that way as well. Show up to a TRP gig with an open mind and you'll soon be dragged in to a world full of radioactive bunnies, conspiracy theories, ray guns and body paint. You'll get to wonder and ponder, which might later result to something that changes the way you feel or think about something.
Stockholm 24.11.2013

Manchester 22.4.2015
The Red Paintings is not just a band, it is a whole new universe. They do not only step out of the box, but they burn that fucking box to the ground. We both strongly encourage you guys to take one brave step to TRP Land. Listen, explore and don't be afraid of getting lost during your adventures, because once you do you'll never want to be found again.

They are currently collecting funds on Pledgemusic in order to record their next album, go and show them some love!

The Red Paintings: The New Album on Pledgemusic
TRP on Facebook

- juoksepoistytto, on behalf of both of us

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