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Kuukauden kuvat // Pictures of the Month

Poison The Well & Thursday @ Great Hall, Cardiff, UK 22.11.2009

Cardiff was the last show on Rise Against's 2009 tour so their tourmates Thursday and Poison the Well (+crew) did a lil' dance session during Dancing For Rain's piano intro while Rise Against was off stage. Let me show you a short clip:

This has to be my one of my all time fave headliner+support band combos I've been fortunate enough to witness myself. What also made the night extra special was when PTW dedicated Prematurito El Baby "To the two ladies up front"  = me and my friend. We had been fangirling about the mentioned tune after their previous gig in London, so that was a nice surprise before going mental to the song. People next to us, who didn't really care for the supports, called us crazy. I'll always take crazy as a compliment when it comes to live music shizzle. As far as I'm aware this was actually Poison The Well's last gig before the 2010 announced hiatus. Now they are back in business and playing handful of shows in June-July after the two 2015 re-union shows. Here's hoping something happens in Europe too. -kilu 

Gerard Way @ The Circus, Helsinki 5.2.2015

MCR no longer exists, but you can never take that band out of my system. I wasn't really all that blown away by Gerard's first solo album Hesitant Alien, but I felt an odd sense of responsibility towards this gig and the guy. Showing up was the only option and in the end I was glad that I went.

Firstly, I got to catch a glimpse of one of the coolest roadies in the business and experience some hardcore nostalgia. Secondly, the songs sounded a million times better live. There's a strange buzzing noise going on when you listen to the album and it kinda rubs me the wrong way, so it was nice to listen to the songs with "pure" melodies and without distractions. Thirdly, I have never seen Gerard so confident and I was so happy to see that he seemed to have a really good fucking time. He was very relaxed and chatted with the crowd a lot, something you hardly ever saw with MCR. Even though many people were wearing MCR shirts and whatnot, no one made any stupid remarks about it or demanded to hear their songs. Everyone seemed to be genuinely excited about G's solo stuff which warmed my little black heart.

- juoksepoistytto

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