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Kuukauden kuvat // Pictures of the Month

Strike Anywhere @ Gasometer, Wien, Austria 5.2.2009

as seen on yykaahoovee's banner!
setlist from Leipzig
Strike Anywhere - and automatically the first couple of lines of Prisoner Echoes's chorus start ringing in my head. The band is currently cooking up some euro-action happening late July early August. This shot is from when Strike Anywhere supported Rise Against back in Feb 2009 and I was lucky enough to catch them five times in five days on that tour. Wien was the first on that whole European run and I remember a Labrador retriever making a short visit on the stage before the whole show started haha. Strike Anywhere is a fun band to see live thanks to the energy they bring and the amount of great songs they are able to put their setlist together from - it's hard to be disappointed really. Hope to catch them again some fine day!

- kilu

HIM @ Õllesummer festival, Tallinn, Estonia 15.7.2010

If I'm not completely mistaken, this was HIM's first ever gig in Estonia which is quite strange because Estonia is right next to Finland. Well anyway, it's one of the best or maybe even the best festival gig I've ever seen by them, and I've seen a few. It was a part of the Screamworks: Love In Theory And Practice tour and the set included lots of songs from the album, of course. It's one of my favorite HIM records even if it never took off very well compared to their other albums.
This picture is an example of pure luck I sometimes have while photographing in concerts. I've done nothing but resize it, otherwise it's completely au naturel, colors, shadows and all. I wish I had these kind of accidental quality magic moments more often, heh.

- juoksepoistytto

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