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Chasing the original high in Europe part. 1/3

My Original High Tour consisted of Tallinn, Helsinki, Copenhagen, Hamburg, Berlin and Warsaw. Tallinn was pure love in so many ways, I'm going to be a selfish dick and cherish all those moments privately and with the people who were with me on that trip. So no public stories from Tallinn Rock City, sorry. Helsinki on the other hand had the shittiest crowd out of all the six gigs I experienced, it was such a huge letdown that I won't even bother to write about it. Not sorry about that. So, I decided to share my thoughts concerning the last four shows of my mini tour. The first part takes us to the promised land of smørrebrød.

Adam Lambert @ Falconer Salen, Copenhagen, Denmark 25.4.2016

Copenhagen! Such an expensive city, but the gigs have always been fucking great and I always find myself coming back for more. The gig was originally supposed to be held in Vega. I witnessed Adam's show there in 2010 and it is one of my all time favorites from him, so I was looking forward of going back. My excitement deflated a bit when I heard that the gig was being upgraded into Falconer Salen, so no trip down memory lane for me.
Queueing to concerts is very serious business in Funland, there really is an actual queue and you'll get your ass stirred and fried if you try anything funny. In many other countries people just seem to pile up and that was the case in Copenhagen as well, so we just rolled into the pile with the rest of the people. Chaos, panic and nervous moments ensued but we ended up having pretty sweet spots, absolutely no complaints. We even happened to be standing next to other Finns, which was quite funny. (One thing I have to complain about is the song For the Love of Money which was on the pre-gig playlist in every show. It just boggles my mind that an artist like Adam would want to have a song on his pre-show playlist that anyone who's ever watched The Apprentice immediately associates with Donald Trump. I hope it was chosen completely innocently and doesn't include a political statement of any sort because, honestly, I don't want to even imagine him supporting that orange turd.)
We suffered through the support act and finally it was 9 pm. Evil in the Night isn't necessarily the most dynamic starter, I would have probably switched places with Ghost Town but it's one of the very few things I would change. Every time I hear Welcome to the Show I love it more, I'm glad it was included in the set. They could have been a bit more careful with the smoke though, I don't think it was supposed to swallow Adam so that you couldn't even really see him during the song. They could have just used red lights and no smoke at all as far as I'm concerned. The smoke attack took away some of the great intensity Adam delivered. Most of the songs were performed in full lenght, but there were always a few medleys too. I applaud the setlist in general, it was really well constructed. Especially the Runnin'/Chokehold/Sleepwalker medley gave me life at every show, such perfection. The Light/The Original High/Never Close Our Eyes medley was an another bullseye, the first two are my favorites from the new album.
No artist should waste precious stage time with covers if her/his own songs are a million times better. Adam is one of those people and he had waaaaaay too fucking many covers in the set on the previous tour, but he has clearly learned from his mistakes, ha. Even if I don't support the cover song business I like the fact that Mad World is in, because my own (and very teary-eyed!) awakening happened when he sang it on Idol back in the day. The combination of Trespassing and Another One Bites the Dust is also totally ingenious, I never thought those two would fit together so perfectly! And well, Queen songs really aren't your average cover songs anyway.
"Are you gay... or are you just European?"
I wanted to give a warm and wet kiss for the whole audience, people were so excited about the show and also showed it properly for once! Pretty much the best audience out of all my six shows. The relaxed and fun atmosphere catched like wildfire, Adam was really cheeky, chatty and chirpy. He is so great at interacting with the audience and this time the interaction worked both ways like magic. Such a damn A+, for real. I've always loved him for his honesty and open-mindedness and I feel like he really got to be himself that night.

Thank you, Copenhagen, for bringing out the best in everything and giving me a massive chunk of the original high. ♥ Stay tuned for parts two and three!

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