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The Heartburns in Germany 16.-17.6.2016

When abroad, I dislike day offs (=no gigs to attend) so when I noticed The Heartburns touring I found my preferred escape route: gigs every day! This tour had started two shows prior to these I went to.

16.6. Kunstkeller 027, Fürth
The Heartburns had one support that evening, a duo called Love Sandwich Orchestra. The sandwich I had for breakfast at 5pm had nothing to do with love since I missed good chunk of the band's set as I was too occupied puking in the toilet light at the time when I was supposed to be making my way to the venue. Eventually I just had to drag my sorry ass to the streets besides every step feeling like someone was twisting a knife in my stomach.
Then to the party band Love Sandwich Orchestra consisting of a guitarist and a drummer who both provided vocals and who were -as their album is titled- on a mission to rock. They did ooze hipster vibe thanks to songs that had titles like (When Your Body is Ready) Grow a Mustache. Fun enough to listen to live thanks to the garage sound and songs that mostly carried from one to two minutes. Lyrics had many repetitive parts making it easy to pick 'em along as you go and just joining the sing along whenever if felt like it. I can definitely imagine drunks and those who are there to paaartyyy really having fun at their shows. I also liked the DIY band name banner they used as a stage prop and the confetti shower at one point was definitely something I did not expect to witness that night.
The venue was a small and cozy downstairs cellar with The Heartburns gig posters all around. Before the band started I heard that apparently because of non existent PA system at the first show singer's vocal chords were a bit fucked up already. Set kicked of with A Bomb In My Head followed by both of my favorites Help Me Make It Through the Night and Retard on the Run and it indeed was rough. After these there was a small pause and erm...discussion of some sort if someone else in the band would provide more vocals. No luck with that since guitarist, Lasse, wasn't completely convinced he'd had the skills to play and sing at the same time. "Let's just do this" drummer announced and the band powered through three more songs before vocalist Teemu fucked off the stage leaving the rest of the band as a question mark so what now then.
Waiting game and after a while he came back to carry on the remaining four songs of the set. During the last song's Who told ya so? Who said that life would be easy -line mic was pointed towards crowd, band mates.. any takers  - none and after that as quick exit as before. Some in the audience suggested the band would still play some extra without him but that was it. Unfortunate, but shit happens and even when the songs a short and sweet (not the topics of them though) they do require quite some input from the vocalist as well.

17.6. Alte Hackerei, Karlsruhe
Tonight's mission was to be there on time for both of the bands. Yeah..if I only had realized the support I'd never heard of and so much rushed for was actually a DJ set taking place after The Heartburns. Approaching the venue there was no signs of any gig happening anytime soon. "Are you with the band? If not, the sales start in 1h" Stepping out and then when momentarily my phone caught some wifi -I got update on the Facebook event how the starting time had just been moved one hour forward. Dammit. While killing time outside I saw at least 40 rabbits so all good.

Alte Hackerei is located in the very culturally vibrant area of Karlsruhe right next to other music venues. The place was more packed than Kunstkeller and it also seemed more people were more familiar with the band too. My expectations were already met since the gig even went on so whatever followed would be all just bonus. Miraculous overnight recovery is not what had happened but things have taken a better turn for sure. Now it didn't feel like you were kicking a nearly dead horse on the ground to get it moving -rather cheering that good ol' gelding to keep on galloping. Setlist was the same as previous night just this time wihtout the interruptions..except Tasaraha-Antti had some troubles with his guitar and I Need Glue went on with one guitarist down. In Fürth the atmosphere was like walking on pins and needles but now in Karlsruhe had you not known, you would not have guessed the level of struggle of the gig before. The band pulled together and even when not the best you could see from them, still a good gig I reckon considering everything.
But hold onto your seats..unexpectedly, this time an encore! A song I didn't recognize but knew exactly who to ask and based on a shitty few second video clip I sent, Tuomas from Nuoret Sankarit had a prompt reply the song being cover of Reagan Youth's Degenerated. "I've sang that song at least ten times with the band" he added, thanks dude! Last one was Monday Morning Fever. I had secretly hoped Cold Hell Below to be on the set but no luck and I was too chicken shit to say anything knowing the voice troubles. How typical though to discover via YouTube that they did play it next day at the last show of the tour in Stuttgart thanks to a request from the crowd, ha! Fast forward to August and behold it was on the set at their gig in Tavastia.

Definitely 100% better way to spent time than two days in tourist hell Madrid -which was my next destination, more about that later...maybe. -kilu ✌ //YYKAAHOOVEE

+those involved making the shows happen!

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