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Die Rötzz and Sick Thoughts in good company in Finland

18.8. Vastavirta, Tampere

Primary reason to attend the gig in Tampere. First band of the bill and they started over one hour after advertised playing time but hey that is Vastavirta for you during mid week. The first time I saw The Achtungs, I got a haunting/creepy vibe from them that I liked very much. This time the set came across as much more fun maybe cos of the lack of Venom shirt. When you combine singer+guitarist Joni Ekman's sound to catchy songs and throw in some guitar parts to show off its handler's talent, what's not to like? Turn out was quite good for a Thursday night and even when The Achtungs is a local band they don't over play in Tampere making their shows something not to be taken granted. Really would have loved to see their set in Turku the next day but I already had to change work shifts around to make it on time here. Maybe I'll have better luck next time as this is a band I'd definitely like to see more often.

I had chosen a spot with a bit restricted view to the stage so for a moment I was confused since the singing duties were divided between the guitarist and drummer who I barely saw. When I registered what's going on it was a moment of fuuck yeaaah. This trio provided quite the beat and for me the highlights of the set were when the drummer started to introduce the songs with his hello there deep voice and when some of the songs broke the mold of good punk rock tunes and brought more diversity. Still though towards the end I found my thoughts drifting away from the set and couldn't pick up more stand outs vs. first part and so the title of the best band of the night goes to The Achtungs.

Next surprise for me was that the guys from Die Rötzz played a big role in Sick Thoughts as being the background band. Background indeed because this was all about the front man DD Owen. I've seen him perform one song with Pää Kii once and immediately got a very in your face vibe from him when it comes to live setting. At that show he slayed and I wish I could say the same about this one but nope.
Now if you were unlucky you could get shattered glass or mic stand to your face as throwing things towards audience was part of the stage antics which came across more like someone having a faked tempter tantrum rather than an artist who is so deep in his songs and just gets carried away. Kinda shame cos some of the songs I listened before +that mentioned guest appearance promised more but when the gap between on record and on stage was this huge, I'm sure I don't need to dig up what Sick Thoughts has been up to or follow what's to come. Surely gets you talking but when the first thing that pops in your mind is how the vocalist rolled on glass than any of the songs ..easy pass.

20.8. Lepakkomies, Helsinki

The guitar driven opening track then joined by the other players already sounded kinda promising so I just hoped the vocals would not ruin it. Didn't need to disappoint as they were just raspy enough and suitable for the music. Happy Animals had about six song set that lasted somewhat over twenty minutes and towards the last few pieces it seemed like the guys were running out of juice for banging through the set with so much intense. Only words exchange with the crowd were how someone has in a hurry to get home. Good thing there was a really straight forward sign at the ticket counter so you could pick up the band's name. I did like them so now it will be interesting to check out if any of the live's rawness can be heard also on recorded versions. Good start to the evening.

Presumably Die Rötzz played the same songs as in Tampere but over here things had stepped a notch and this one was a true banger! No signs of not being focused the whole set with a smile on my face and a similar grin spotted worn by many others too. I'm convinced if stage banter awards were handed Die Rötzz vocalist/drummer would be a top contender. When bass all of sudden went all quiet and what could have been an awkward fixing things up silence it was filled with for example turning a question against and audience member when someone asked what country is the band from "I'm from my mother's cunt, how about you" and when the answer was Finland "he said that, he called your country a cunt not me". Set luckily continued and this time high light was when DD Owen handled the drummers' duties and the drummer was the front man for couple of songs. Things had got a bit wild and wet over here and for a moment it felt like watching the gig in a whole another country.
(pic from Vastavirta)
That was fun and set a hard act to follow for the next bands. One of the lines that lived from city to another: sip a beer. Yeah do that and crank up the volume on some Die Rötzz!!

At first only mentioned as a surprise performer on the venue's listing and already then I got a feeling who it might be. When the cat was officially out of the bag, Saturday plans were set. Before the band took the stage it was fun to watch how front of the stage just kept getting more and more crammed. It also got my hopes up high that it's 'bout to get crazy. The Heartburns seem to have set few songs that each time start the show. A Bomb In My Head ticked off and majority of people did nothing. Nooo most of the attendees are likely to have had more ears on this band the past years than me, so I trusted the old schools to stir things up. Even Help Me Make It Through the Night was like waiting for the headliner to start until finally Retard On The Run set a whole new course and the pit came alive! This is exactly what I needed at that point and rest of the set went by pogoing around with others. Some crowd surfed a tad bit and songs like Thinkin' 'bout You and set closer Who Told Ya So? got the crazies shouting to the mic when it was pointed towards the action center. If you weren't sweaty as hell after this gig - you were not doing it right.
shitty phone pic mash up, too busy dancing
Alright and at this point due to the technical difficulties during Die Rötzz's set, timetables ran late so I had to leave before Sick Thoughts started. Also likelihood it would be just the same shit in a different setting was so high and therefore most definitely not worth waiting for the later bus. Didn't also want to see Die Rötzz fade to the background after the killer set so I guess this time instrument hiccups worked for my advantage and the night ended on a high note. -kilu ✌ //YYKAAHOOVEE

+ya know who made the shows happen!

The Achtungs @ Vastavirta

shaky video of Die Rötzz @ Vastavirta 

Sick Thoughts @ Vastavirta

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