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Kuukauden kuvat // Pictures of the Month

Pictures of the Month kilu's special! As 2016 is starting to wrap up, I had a look at the list of the shows that I've been to and there's quite a few that haven't been mentioned on this odd ball lil' gig-diary of ours. This one stood out not only 'cos the gig poster has been decorating my closet door but because one of the mentioned bands are on the line up of one of the gigs I'm most looking forward to in December.

So all the way back to February with I guess at this point slightly indistinct memories from the shows but whatever, I guess good thing this one is under Pictures of the month title then!


picture is missing: the guitarist, blocked by a shoulder
Pakkosyöttö, this somewhat all-star line-up band played their first gig this night and I always appreciate to hear more in Finnish hardcore when done well. As the picture might indicate, the band put some emotion to their performance. That or just someone who tripped over untied shoelaces. I've not seen Pakkosyöttö since this and I have a hunch that when the next time comes, it will be like I had never seen the band before - partly cos they didn't stick to my memory in any special way and partly 'cos now they've got more gigs under their belt and most likely will play even more tighter and heavier set. Looking forward to that. 

Fast. FAST!!! Those are the only words that I had written down months ago. In a nutshell that's Sick Urge gig. It was thrilling to watch vocal duties being switched between the guitarist and bass player and with such fast paced songs they didn't even seem to catch any breath in the midst. Playing furiously like the source of electricity for their instruments, monitors..hell, for the whole venue depended on just how fast they can shred/bang that what's been given. After the band was done, I was very pleased I had completely slept over Tampere 's leg of this tour as the first bands of this day didn't play there. They will though on January 28th at Vastavirta! Hopefully I'll make it to that one.

There was a quick discussion with the bands and in result punk rockers Kovadlina from Czech Republic took the stage next and by what a storm. It was such a contrast to see the band's singer being like possessed madman on stage as off stage he came across as a very smiley happy-go-lucky person. One didn't need to be able to understand any Czech as universal language of music was so evident that the words sung really meant something to the performer. Towards the end of the set a lil' speech, along these lines, praising the unity that can be the outcome with music and the DIY scene revolving around it. Followed by this during the song the singer (who obviously stole the show you could say) then bashed his forehead open with the microphone and I guess this point I did wish I knew what the song was about because it so went to his emotions. The song is also on the video clip I took of the gig found at the very end of this post.
Speaking of music bringing people together. It was also a nice surprise to see a familiar face touring with the band (wad up T!). He told me how first they were supposed to also tour in Russia but when that didn't work out this Finland run shaped up to be pretty much a short holiday; playing shows, hanging with friends, enjoying good food and great times in general. 

Posterboys of Vastavirta-klubi's gig posters. There has to be a ready to use poster base for Remissions' Vastavirta gigs for sure. Nothing wrong with actively playing - the opposite!
How to follow such a gave it all set? How about with much heavier music with a dark, twisted concept set (interest points raised!)? Sounds about right way to go and exactly what Remissions went with. Diversity within the bands is what made the night a success. Not the most memorable set but after fast paced hardcore and punk rock these doomy sounds brought up a warm feeling despite the topic of their songs. I would not mind seeing all the bands again at some point = success! -kilu ✌ // YYKAAHOOVEE
Kovadlina | Remissions
Sick Urge:

+organizers, attendees etc!

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